About patugo

From day one, patugo’s focus has been consumer software in the context of browser technology and web extensions, also referred to as add-ons.

Browsers display web pages, right?

Yes, that and some more.

Web extensions?

An extension adds features and functions to a browser.

We can enhance or complement a website, independent of whether we own it. An example: WEB.DE Start is a new tab extension which communicates with WEB.DE MailCheck to display data on which has been calculated by MailCheck. Without MailCheck being installed, WEB.DE Start leaves that data field empty.

We can modify or block network requests made by the browser. Ad blockers are a great example of this. On very simple terms, ad blocker compare request destinations against domain blacklists and block them accordingly. That’s why you do not see ads when activated; the ad blocker drops the request to the ad server, effectively leaving an ad’s page space empty.

Who is Thomas Quas?

I am the founder of patugo. At the time, it was an opportunity to get to the next level as an entrepeneur, building on the past of being a programmer, team leader, coach, technical advisor etc. It’s been well documented here: https://web.archive.org/web/20100808020917/http://www.tquas.org/resume.html

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