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SWUP - distribute your software

Automated software distribution done right. Silent updates, throttling, analytics, and more. Works in the corporate network, shines with hundreds of thousands of installations of packaged consumer software. Visit the SWUP product page for further details.


Security software

Official cyscon Security Shield for Firefox. Protects Firefox users from potential web security threats, such as phishing and malware attacks, data security breaches and trojans.

cyscon Security Shield is part of the PhishKiller campaign, an initiative to fight cybercrime. We recently got positive media coverage from,, and

We’re proud to be listed as featured addon by Mozilla.



MailCheck for Windows, the popular browser extension as a native Windows desk band, placed in the user’s desktop taskbar.


We bootstrapped grouptime messenger for iOS, which eventually turned into teamwire, the “fast and secure enterprise messaging” solution.


Browsers & Extensions

We built multi-brand, multi-lingual browser extensions.

We brand browsers for end-user deployment, optionally bundled with a set of extensions of your choice.


Firefox and IE 11 for WEB.DE and other brands.

MailCheck – one browser button to manage your e-mails. Comes with support for secure e-mail access, IMAP, search integration, and other features. Available for the following brands: WEB.DE, 1&1, GMX,


We have more cooking. Stay tuned!


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Established in 2010. Founded by thomas quas. Located in Baldham, Germany. Legal information.